Seeking an increase in innovation, Poznańska Hodowla Roślin Ltd. is introducing modern solutions allowing to shorten the breeding cycle, thus increasing competitiveness of its own cultivation programs. To achieve that, the company is working in close cooperation with many scientific and research units.

At the moment Company is taking part in realisation research topics included in a donation given by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development for Biological Progress in Seed Production (PB). Within the above topics, the company conducted research services in 16 research tasks applying to winter wheat, winter barley, winter rye, grasses and fabaceae.

Company is also taking part in projects and research dedicated to fabaceae within long-term programs (PW). First of them, named “Increasing the use of domestic feed protein for the production of high-quality animal products in the conditions of sustainable development” is realised in cooperation with IUNG – PIB in Puławy, IGR PAN in Poznań, UP in Poznań and ITP in Falenty. Within this PW company is conducting research regarding pea, blue lupine and yellow lupine.

Second PW named “Creating a scientific basis for biological progress and protection of plant genetic resources as a source of innovation and support for sustainable agriculture and food security of the country” is realised in cooperation with IHAR – PIB in Radzików. Within the task 1.2 named “Collection and conservation in field collections, in vitro and cryopreservation Characterization, evaluation, documentation and sharing of genetic resources and information on agricultural plants and other crop plants, wild related species and companion plants” company is collecting pea, lupine and serradella.

Other research projects are realised by the company as part of support programs from the National Centre for Research and Development:

a) Projects realised at the moment:

“New directions and technologies in the cultivation of cereals and leguminous plants for sustainable agriculture” (INTRON). Project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Funds within the Intelligent Development Operational Program. Project realised within National Centre of Research and Development: Quick Path competition.

You can find more information about INTRON here

“Integrated strategy for reactivation of Polish heterotic wheat farming” (HYBRE) is realised within the BIOSTRATEG program financed by NCBR. Project is realised in cooperation with SGGW Warsaw (project leader), IGR PAN Poznań, Rzeszów University of Technology, ZUT Szczecin, UP Lublin, HR Strzelce, CENTNAS Ltd. and AGRONAS Ltd .

Since june 2019, the company has been taking part in realisation of international research project USABLE PACKAGING, within which there is created complete value chain for high-performance bio-based and biodegradable packaging made of bioplastic that is produced from side products of food processing and related waste. Project is realised within the European Union program aimed at research and innovation “Horyzont 2020”.

You can find more information about USABLE PACKAGING here

b) Projects finished in 2018:

“Next-generation sequencing and association mapping as methods of generating molecular markers of the utility traits of blue lupine’ (SEGENMAS). Project is realised within the III Applied Research Program competition in cooperation with IGR PAN in Poznań (project leader), UP in Poznań, UMCS in Lublin, IFR PAN in Cracow, UR in Cracow, and HR Smolice Ltd. IHAR Group.

“Intelligent Lighting Systems for Industrial Plant Production” (ISOR) realised within the III Applied Research Program competition. This project is realised in cooperation with: SGGW in Warsaw (project leader), DANKO HR Ltd. KHBC Ltd. IFR PAN in Cracow and HR Smolice Ltd.

Target of these projects is to implement the newest technology and scientific solutions into cultivation practices.

Seed quantity calculator


0 kg/ha

The sowing amount is calculated according to the formula:

(MTZ/MTN x casting) / the power of germination = the sowing amount in kg/ha

Casting - number of plants per area unit (pcs./m2)

MTZ - Thousand Grains Weight (g)

MTN - Thousand Seeds Weight (g)

The power of germination - determined for certified MINIMUM seeds (80% for triticale).