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Poznan Plant Breeding Sp. z o. o. is a Polish seed and breeding company. One of the most important activities included in the company's strategy is breeding and production of the approved seeds of agricultural plant species. PHR is involved in the cultivation of cereals, pulses and grasses. In addition, PHR also conducts preservation breeding of phacelia and white mustard. The Company's registered office is located in Tulce near Poznan, in the direct vicinity of the A2 motorway.

The Company's mission is to implement biological progress in plant production and to provide farmers in Poland and Europe with good quality approved seeds at an affordable price.
The breeding works were initiated in the 1920s in Antoniny near Leszno. In 1959, the company was established as a state enterprise and since 1994 it has existed as limited liability company.
Plant breeding is carried out in three plant breeding stations located in different parts of Wielkopolskie region such as follows: Antoniny near Leszno, Nagradowice near Poznan and Wiatrowo near Wągrowiec belonging to so called Plant Breeding Division.
Currently, the Company carries out breeding programmes and research in the following areas: winter wheat, spring and winter barley, winter rye, oats, pulses such as: yellow lupine, narrow-leaved lupine, pea, seed pea, hairy and seradela vetch and grasses as follows: red fescue, meadow fescue, common mermaid, hybrid rye. PHR owns 74 varieties of agricultural plants.
Seed production is carried out in four modern seed and production units i. e.Kobylniki, Krzemlin, Szprotawa and Nagradowice located in the territory of three regions (Wielkopolskie, Lubuskie and Zachodniopomorskie).
PHR as a lessee of more than 7 thousand hectares produces 8 - 10 thousand tons of seeds. Its main recipients are seed companies and farmers throughout the country and in neighboring countries.
Tradition, experience, professional staff, constant modernization of breeding base and facilities for the production of high quality approved seed as well as launching of recently accredited seed evaluation laboratory and a wide territorial scope prove the significant Company's position on the breeding and seed market in Poland and abroad.
Apart from plant breeding and seed production, the Company also conducts crop production, dairy cattle farming ( 500 cows) and conservative breeding of the Polish horse, the only native, primitive horse breed.

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Poznańska Hodowla Roślin Sp. z o.o.

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Nowe Miasto and Wilda

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KRS (National Cort Register): 0000039691

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