White mustard Gracja


  • Have very high anti-nematode properties. The Gracja variety reduces the nematode population by 29,6%.
  • A very high seed yield, up to 109% of the standard in COBORU research in 2018, is even 1200 kg of seeds / ha!
  • It shows very good health against alternaria brassicae and powdery mildew.
  • Medium late variety, resistant to lodging.
  • It is characterised by excellent seed quality parameters, with a very high TGW. The content of glucosinolates and synalbins is lower than the standards.

The research carried out in 2020 on the soil inhabited by beetroot nematode showed that Gracja was effective in reducing the population of beetroot nematode during cultivation. It was also confirmed that the mustard Gracja does not multiply the beetroot nematode in the soil, as is the case with older mustard varieties. Gracja was characterised by high yields of fresh mass of the above-ground part of plants and high total yields of biomass, which corresponded to 2/3 of the average dose of cattle manure introduced into the soil for root crops (35 t fresh mass / ha). The yield of biomass of this variety was characterised by a high potential fertilising value and may replace the fertilising effect of cattle manure as a fertiliser that is more and more difficult to obtain.