Phacelia Anabela


This is a new variety of phacelia, especially useful for growing in catch crops, and a very valuable honey plant. This variety has relatively low soil requirements, a short growing season and good tolerance to periodical water shortages and frosts down to –8 ° C. Anabela is characterised by a high yield of fresh and dry mass and a very high yield of seeds. It shows high growth dynamics, thanks to which it quickly shades the soil and drowns out weeds. It has a positive effect on the phytosanitary condition and physical properties of the soil. Useful for cultivation in organic farming to sow arable land temporarily excluded from production. Plant height is about 70-80 cm. Single and double pinnate and notched leaves. Phacelia Anabela is the “queen” of honey plants, you can get over 400 kg of honey per hectare.