Poznańska Hodowla Roślin Ltd. - Seed producer

Poznańska Hodowla Roślin Ltd. is a seed cultivation company which specialises in cultivation and seed production of wheat, legumes and grasses.

In 2019 we were chosen as the winners of the XXV edition of Farmer of the Year competition in the cropping enterprise category – cropping production. For us, it is a great award and appreciation of our company’s activity in cropping and biological improvement. Thanks are directed particularly towards all our employees without whom PHR’s success wouldn’t be possible and our farmers who harvest our variations from our cultivation every year.

The latest information

Seed quantity calculator


0 kg/ha

The sowing amount is calculated according to the formula:

(MTZ/MTN x casting) / the power of germination = the sowing amount in kg/ha

Casting - number of plants per area unit (pcs./m2)

MTZ - Thousand Grains Weight (g)

MTN - Thousand Seeds Weight (g)

The power of germination - determined for certified MINIMUM seeds (80% for triticale).