Fodder sowing pea Sokolik


  • Medium-tall plants with an average flowering and ripening period and an average TGW. Red-purple flowers and beige-olive seeds
  • Very high resistance to diseases, especially to fusarium wilt and gangrene blotch.
  • It is distinguished by stiff plant stems and well-developed tendrils, thanks to which the Sokolik variety is resistant to lodging
  • It can be used in animal feeding, as a component of concentrates and mixtures with lupine and canola.

Utility and agricultural features:

plant height
88 cm
resistance to lodging
7,8 very high
protein content
22,4% s.m.
about 225 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

Fusarium .
7,9 very high
7,8 very high
Powdery mildew
8 very high
Downy mildew
7,8 very high