Edible sowing pea Cysterski


  • Plants of medium height, early flowering and maturing date and medium low TGW. White flowers, yellow seeds.
  • It is characterised by excellent health among sowing peas.
  • A low TGW in combination with certified seeds with high germination power means a lower sowing quantity.
  • Low plants characterised by very good stiffness and resistance to lodging. The variety is recommended for growing all over the country. Popular abroad.

Utility and agricultural features:

plant height
78 cm
resistance to lodging
7,3 very high
protein content
21,4 % s.m.
about 230 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

Fusarium .
7,7 very high
7,4 high
Powdery mildew
7,8 very high
Downy mildew
7,6 very high