European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas ”.

Operation to protect waters against nitrate pollution from agricultural sources, “Construction of a slurry tank 5071 m3 is co-financed by the European Union under the action “Modernization of agricultural holdings” of the Rural Development Program for 2014-2020.

Expected results of the operation: Construction of a slurry tank with a volume of 5071 m3.

Poznańska Hodowla Roślin Ltd. in 2021, it began the next stage of expansion of the cattle farm with accompanying infrastructure in Czacz, consisting in the construction of a slurry tank with a capacity of 5,071 m3.

In connection with the investment, which is in line with the provisions related to the protection of water and soil and consisting in the protection of the environment against pollution with nitrates from agricultural sources, the Company received funding under Sub-measure 4.1.2. Investments aimed at protecting waters against pollution with nitrates from agricultural sources.

Seed quantity calculator


0 kg/ha

The sowing amount is calculated according to the formula:

(MTZ/MTN x casting) / the power of germination = the sowing amount in kg/ha

Casting - number of plants per area unit (pcs./m2)

MTZ - Thousand Grains Weight (g)

MTN - Thousand Seeds Weight (g)

The power of germination - determined for certified MINIMUM seeds (80% for triticale).