Fodder sowing pea Turnia


  • Plants of medium height, with a medium early flowering time and maturing period time and with an average TGW. Red-purple flowers and beige-purple speckled seeds.
  • Turnia yields are very high (it achieved a yield of 108% of the standard in 2018 and an average of 104% of the standard in 2016–2019). Such a high level of yielding makes Turnia the highest and most stable yielding forage pea on the market. It is characterised by excellent health.
  • The Turnia fodder pea is characterised by high lodging resistance due to the developed sticking tendrils.
  • It has the ability to adapt to various climatic and soil conditions in Europe.

Utility and agricultural features:

plant height
83 cm
resistance to lodging
6,5 high
protein content
23% s.m.
about 200 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

Fusarium .
7,4 high
7,9 very high
Powdery mildew
7,7 very high
Downy mildew
7,4 very high