Winter Wheat Tulecka

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Winter Wheat Tulecka



  • Quality variety - group A,
  • Characterised by high andstable yield (even up to 104% of the reference variety),
  • Medium time of ripening, high resistance to changing soil and climate conditions.
Flexibility of sowing
Lodging resistance

Cechy użytkowo - rolnicze:

time of ear emergencemedium
time of ripeningmedium
grain uniformityhigh
lodging resistancehigh
yield potentialvery high
winter hardinessmedium
protein contentmedium
gluten contentmedium
falling numbermedium
sedimentation indexmedium
weight of 1000 grainshigh

Diseases resistance

Powdery mildew7,4 -high
Brown rust7,6 - very high
Leaves septoria6,5 - high
Ear fusarium7,2 -high
Fusarium head blight8,0 - very high
Foot diseases8,1 - very high
Brown leaves spot7,8 - very high
Yellow rust7,2 -high


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