Winter wheat Vistula


  • A variety with a high and stable yield, also confirmed in dry years.
  • Very high protein content and great quality parameters.
  • Very high disease resistance level.
  • Plants of medium height with very good resistance to lodging and stiff straw.
  • Very high adaptability to soil conditions. It’s doing great under drought stress.

Utility and agricultural features:

date of heading - since 01.1
151 days, medium late
plant height
95 cm
resistance to lodging
7,8 high
cold hardiness
45,8 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

Powdery mildew
8,1 very high
Oculimacula yallundae
7,8 very high
Brown rust
7,2 high
Yellow rust
7,8 high
7,8 very high
Leaf septoria
6,5 high
Leaf septoria
7,8 high
7,6 very high