Edible sowing pea Olimp


  • Medium height plants, with an average flowering and maturation period for the species and an average TGW. White flowers, yellow seeds.
  • Very high yielding potential, even up to 6 t/ha, which means a protein yield potential of 13 dt/ha.
  • High nutritional value due to the highest protein content in the seeds.
  • White flowers and white seeds. The most resistant to lodging before harvesting among the cultivars tested in 2017.

Utility and agricultural features:

plant height
87 cm
resistance to lodging
7,6 very high
protein content
24,5% s.m.
about 245 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

Fusarium .
7,8 very high
7,9 very high
Powdery mildew
7,6 high
Downy mildew
7,5 very high