This is a perennial, tall, early grass with good winter hardiness. It is characterized by loose clusters, fast and aggressive growth and rapid regrowth, which can suppress other species. Strongly reacts to nitrogen fertilization.


It’s a very valuable variety, medium late with high sward density and very good durability. Due to its lateness, as for cocksfoot, it competes with other species to a lesser extent (leaving them space for development), and then develops quickly, complementing the sward of meadows or pastures. It gives high yields of fresh and dry matter. It combines high biomass yields with good seed yields. The variety is characterized by good winter hardiness and high regrowth energy after swaths. This variety has medium soil and agrotechnical requirements and medium-high fertilization requirements. Tukan is a fodder variety intended for, mowing-meadows and pastures.
The variety is intended primarily for cultivation on arable land, as a companion grass for spring barley and can be used for one-year or two-year mowing. It can also be used for pastures, especially for sheep. It’s the earliest cocksfoot variety, characterized by early start of growing period, high intensity of spring growth and good energy of regrowth. It is distinguished by good winter hardiness and resistance of plants to droughts. It gives high and uniform biomass crops with good palatability and digestibility