Intelligent Development Operational Program

Project name:
New directions and technologies in the cultivation of cereals and leguminous plants for sustainable agriculture

Acronym of the project: INTRON

The project involves industrial research and development activities aimed at obtaining, in a shortened period of time, using modern breeding techniques, new varieties of cereal species, the dominant of which is winter wheat, as well as spring and winter forms of barley and legumes. (pea, narrow-leaved lupine and yellow lupine).

Project value : 17.966.011,97 PLN

Co-financing value : 10.865.014,95 PLN

Implementation period: 2018 – 2023

Project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Funds within the Intelligent Development Operational Program.

Project implemented as part of the competition
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Seed quantity calculator


0 kg/ha

The sowing amount is calculated according to the formula:

(MTZ/MTN x casting) / the power of germination = the sowing amount in kg/ha

Casting - number of plants per area unit (pcs./m2)

MTZ - Thousand Grains Weight (g)

MTN - Thousand Seeds Weight (g)

The power of germination - determined for certified MINIMUM seeds (80% for triticale).