Blue lupine Zorba


  • Sweet, blue-flowering variety.
  • Phenomenal seed yield confirmed in COBORU research.
  • It matures very evenly and is very resistant to lodging.
  • It is very suitable for use in feeding, among others due to the very high protein content in the seeds and the low level of alkaloids.
  • High disease resistance.
  • One of the highest protein content of any variety on the market.
  • Plants of medium height and high resistance to lodging.

Utility and agricultural features:

flower colour
plant height
58 cm
protein content
30,8% s.m.
alkaloids content
0,020% s.m.
about 130 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

resistance to lodging
7,9 high
Fusarium .
7,1 high
8 very high