Spring barley Avatar


  • Medium height plants with stiff straw and high lodging resistance. The grain is robust with high TGW and high protein content. Average maturation period.
  • A good health profile guarantees very high resistance to the most important barley diseases. It has a powdery mildew resistance gene.
  • It is perfect for medium-quality and light soils.
  • Excellent quality due to good uniformity of grain and good grain plumpness.
  • The early heading ensures resistance to changing soil and climatic conditions (periodic droughts).
  • Extremely high and stable yield above the reference varieties at both levels of agrotechnics.

Utility and agricultural features:

date of heading - since 01.1
157 dni, medium
plant height
76 cm
resistance to lodging
6,1 high
protein content
6 very high
46 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

Powdery mildew
7,4 high
Spot disease
7,4 high
Leaf rust of barley
7,6 high
8,1 very high
dark brown blotch
7,5 very high