Edible sowing pea Tytan


  • It is a high and stable variety of general use peas, regardless of weather conditions.
  • White flowers.
  • In the COBORU experiments (2018-2021), the yield was constant above 3.5 t/ha.
  • It is distinguished by high resistance to lodging, much higher than the most popular varieties on the market today.
  • Plants of medium height and high TGW.

Utility and agricultural features:

plant height
83 cm
resistance to lodging
6,6 high
protein content
22,9% s.m.
about 250 g

Disease resistance according to COBORU:

Fusarium .
7,7 very high
7,8 very high
Powdery mildew
7,7 very high
Downy mildew
7 high