Perennial Ryegrass

Show other variants Information Perennial ryegrass is a perennial fodder grass, low and tufted. Ideal for meadow and pasture mixtures. It is one of the most valuable pasture grasses due to its very good feed value and palatability. Aggressive, fast resprouting, resistant to trampling. It is sensitive to summer droughts and cold winters. For perennial […]

Hybrid Ryegrass

Show other variants Information It is a fodder grass that performs best on medium moisture soils. It has a higher persistence than perennial ryegrass. It stands out with large amounts of green manure crops and very good nutritional parameters. It succeeds best on rich sandy loam soils with a ph of 6-6.5. It responds strongly […]


Show other variants Information It is a perennial, tall, early grass with good winter hardiness. It stands out for its loose tufts, rapid and aggressive spreading and rapid resprouting, so it can suppress other species. It responds strongly to nitrogen fertilization. Cultivation for seed Cock’s-foot reacts strongly to better supply of soil with nutrients and […]

Meadow Fescue

Show other variants Information A very valuable, durable, tall, tufted forage grass. Recommended for cultivation on moist, compact soils and richly fertilized, especially with nitrogen. This species tolerates harsh winters and spring frosts well. It does well with periodic droughts and short-term flooding. It is sensitive to weeds. Meadow fescue is a species present in […]

Red Fescue

Show other variants Information A low-growing, perennial grass that stands out for its strong root system and low soil and water requirements. It is one of the basic components of pasture mixtures for weaker soils and periodically dry soils. A versatile variety, such as Barma, can be successfully used in lawn mixtures and shows great […]