Perennial Ryegrass

Show other variants Information Perennial ryegrass is a perennial fodder grass with loose clusters. Ideal for meadow and pasture mixtures. This is one of the most valuable pasture grasses due to its very good nutritional value and palatability. Aggressive, quickly regrowing, resistant to trampling. It is sensitive to summer droughts and cold winters. In the […]

Hybrid Ryegrass

Show other variants Information Fodder grass works best on moderately moist soils. It has a higher durability than Italian ryegrass. It is characterized by large amounts of green mass and very good nutritional parameters. Works best on rich sandy loam soils with a pH of 6-6.5. Strongly reacts to abundant mineral fertilization and irrigation. The […]


Show other variants Information This is a perennial, tall, early grass with good winter hardiness. It is characterized by loose clusters, fast and aggressive growth and rapid regrowth, which can suppress other species. Strongly reacts to nitrogen fertilization. Where to buy Agrotechnics Download a flyer Show other variants Previous Next Varieties Tukan It’s a very […]

Meadow Fescue

Show other variants Information Very valuable fodder grass, durable, tall, loose. Recommended for cultivation on moist, compact and richly fertilized soils, especially with nitrogen. This species tolerates harsh winters and spring frosts well. Copes well with periodic droughts and short-term flooding. This species is sensitive to weeds. Meadow fescue is a species, present in almost […]

Red Fescue

Show other variants Information Short, perennial grass, characterized by a strong root system and low soil and water requirements. It is one of the basic ingredients of pasture mixes for light and periodically dry soils. Universal varieties such as Areta and Barma are successfully used in lawn mixes and show great usefulness for establishing ornamental […]