Winter Wheat Gimantis

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Winter Wheat Gimantis

formacja, gimantis


  • New fodder variety - group C,
  • Distinguished by extraordinary yielding potential (110-115% of the reference variety),
  • Adapted for growing acros country,
  • Low plants and lodging resistant,
  • Best fodder wheat.
Flexibility of sowing
Lodging resistance
Low soil requirements
High yield
High naturitional value
Sprouting resistance

Functional and agricultular properties:

time of ripeningmedium
grain uniformityhigh
lodging resistancehigh
yield potentialvery high
winter hardinessmedium
protein contentmedium
gluten contenthigh
falling numberhigh
sedimentation indexvery high
weight of 1000 grainshigh

Diseases resistance

Powdery mildew8,2 - very high
Brown rust8,0 - very high
Leaves septoria7,6 - very high
Fusarium blight7,7 - very high
Ear fusarium8,0 - very high
Foot diseases8,3 - very high
Brown leaves spot7,7 - very high
Yellow rust8,6 - very high


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