Blue lupine Karo


  • Plants of medium height, early flowering, medium maturation, characterised by a very high TGW. Blue flowers and brown seeds with white, medium- dense ornamentation.
  • High- yielding variety with the highest content of alkaloids (1.166%= very bitter).
  • Not only the seeds are bitter, but also the green mass, which makes it especially recommended as an aftercrop in areas where plantations are threatened by wild animals. Perfect for sowing aftercrop intended for ploughing.
  • The Karo cultivar showed the best yield of green forage (120% of the reference) and dry mass (124% of the reference) in stubble aftercrop of all cultivars participating in the three year of COBORU study.

Utility and agricultural features:

flower colour
plant height
68 cm
protein content
30,3% s.m.
alkaloids content
1,166% s.m.
about 180 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

resistance to lodging
8,3 very high
Fusarium .
7,2 high
8,5 very high