Yellow lupine Goldeneye


  • Plants of medium height with early flowering period, medium maturing period and medium TGW. Orange- yellow flowers and white- seeds.
  • The variety registered in 2019.
  • Very high yielding potential (up to 112% of the standard in COBORU research).
  • A variety with high resistance to diseases such as fusarium and anthracnose.
  • Sweet gramine-free seeds which alkaloid content was reduced to 0.011%.
  • High nutritional value (43.7% protein).

Utility and agricultural features:

flower colour
plant height
66 cm
protein content
43,1% s.m.
alkaloids content
0,009% s.m.
about 135 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

resistance to lodging
7,2 high
Fusarium .
very high
7,3 high