Blue lupine Szot


  • Plants of low height, with a very early flowering time, very short maturing period and high TGW. Flowers of blue colour and multi- colored seeds.
  • The determinate lupine, which hardly branches at all, flowering period is much shorter and more evenly than the indeterminate forms.
  • High protein content in seeds (28.2%)
  • Very sweet variety, alkaloids content about 0.017%
  • The successor of the Sonet variety, characterised by a higher yielding potential and better health.

Utility and agricultural features:

flower colour
plant height
58 cm
protein content
28,2% s.m.
alkaloids content
0,017% s.m
about 140 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

resistance to lodging
8,1 very high
Fusarium .
7,1 high
7,9 high