Winter wheat Freja


  • Medium tall plants, resistant to lodging, very much responsive to shortening.
  • A variety with a high and stable yielding potential. In the 5-year period of our own research has achieved a yield of 102-104% of the standard in a1 technology. In COBORU research in 2019, 107% of the standard in technology A1 and 103% of the standard in the A2 technology.
  • Variety with high to very high resistance to underlying diseases. In experiments, it wasn’t attacked with yellow rust.
  • Drought tolerance confirmed in registry and own research . In a very dry 2019 in a1 technology Freja achieved a yield of 107% of the standard.

Great for production focused on fodder and confectionery purposes. The genetic potential of the variety in combination with the appropriate agrotechnics allow to obtain a high yield as well as grain parameters suitable for the pastry industry, such as: low protein and gluten content, low water absorption, high falling number and low glassiness of the grain.

Utility and agricultural features:

date of heading - since 01.1
145 days, medium
plant height
96 cm
resistance to lodging
7,8 high
cold hardiness
43 g

Disease resistance according to Coboru:

Powdery mildew
7,2 good
Oculimacula yallundae
7,6 very high
Brown rust
7,3 high
Yellow rust
8,6 very high
7,8 very high
Leaf septoria
7,1 very high
Leaf septoria
7,6 high
7,4 high