Spring barley Bizon

Show other variants Information Very low plants (65 cm) with high resistance to lodging. Variety with very high resistance to diseases, especially powdery mildew and barley rust. Very high nutritional value due to the exceptionally high protein content of the grain. The grain is plumpness and with a high TGW. A small amount of offal. […]

Winter wheat Freja

Show other variants Information Medium tall plants, resistant to lodging, very much responsive to shortening. A variety with a high and stable yielding potential. In the 5-year period of our own research has achieved a yield of 102-104% of the standard in a1 technology. In COBORU research in 2019, 107% of the standard in technology […]

Winter wheat Vistula

Show other variants Information A variety with a high and stable yield, also confirmed in dry years. Very high protein content and great quality parameters. Very high disease resistance level. Plants of medium height with very good resistance to lodging and stiff straw. Very high adaptability to soil conditions. It’s doing great under drought stress. […]

Winter wheat Liberia

Show other variants Information Plants with outstanding disease resistance. It has genes for resistance to powdery mildew and brown rust. High yielding potential – up to 104% of the COBORU 2020 standard, confirmed in each research region. Very good winter hardiness- 4. Medium- tall plants with very high resistance to lodging A variety with very […]