SONET – Blue Lupine

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SONET – Blue Lupine



  • resistant to anthracnose and lodging after flowering,
  • recommended for cultivation throughout the country,
  • very early, quickly and evenly maturing,
  • with blue-white mottled flowers and multi-colored seeds.
Early ripening
Lodging resistance

Usable features - agricultural:

Crop high
Height of the plant short
Mass of 1000 seeds 155 - 165 g
Protein content 29,0-30,0%
Value of alkaloids very low
Length of vegetation period about 100 days
Length of flowering up to 16 days
Uniformity of ripening very high
Resistance to lodging before harvest very high

Diseases resistance

Fusarium 7,3
Antraknoza 8,1
Gray spots of lupine leaves 7,9


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