Red Fescue

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Red Fescue

It is characterized by a strong root system and low soil and water requirements.


Anielka Pasture type variety with good durability and winter hardiness. Highly resistant to drought. It is characterized by high yield, fast regrowth after harvest.
Anitawa Variety with good resistance to drought and good winter hardiness. It is characterized by a high density, has a large number of runners. This variety combines high yielding potential with high reproductive capacity. It has small soil requirements and average agrotechnical requirements.
Areta Lawn type variety, loose-leaf, has very short runners. Especially useful for lawn and pasture mixtures. It has very good durability and resistance to drought. Areta was awarded with the gold medal of International POLAGRA Fair.
Barma Lawn type with long runners. Usefull also for pasture usage. Very durable grass with good winter hardiness and resistance to drought. Good for poor soils.
Kos Early ripening variety suitable for pasture and lawn use.
Matylda NEW. Variety recommended for lawn or pasture use. Durable and tolerant to drought. It is characterized by high yielding potential, rapid growth and good density of sward.
Reda Winter hardiness variety with good drought resistance. Suitable for pasture and lawn use.


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